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Say hello to the leadership team at Hope Church

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Hope Church. Got questions for the lead team at Hope? Contact us by clicking here.

George Osborn - Pastor

George Osborn helped to plant Hope Church along with an amazing team in 2021. He moved to Liverpool with his wife Kate in 2019 to join the Cornerstone Collective after spending time studying with the Crosslands Seminary. They have six children, four ahead in heaven. Shortly after arriving baby Henry made his appearance during the Covid pandemic with Amelie following shortly after. George has been in full time Christian work since 2008 mainly working as an evangelist and elder of a local church. George became a Christian after a chequered past and so is passionate about the gospel and the freedom found in Christ. Also passionate about bio’s like this being real and not a list of accomplishments only, I am full of weakness, not unfamiliar to failure, grateful I don’t have to be the hero but know the One who is.

"Testifying to the gospel of God’s grace!" - George

Matt Hallas Elder - Music

Matt joined the eldership team in 2024 and has testified to how much he has grown and flourished while planting Hope Church. Matt has worked in professional music settings most of his life and heads up the music at Hope Church with a team of volunteers from the church.

Wanting to lead God’s people to worship him - Matt

Josh Veale - Eden Team Leader

Josh Veale

Josh leads our Eden Team ( in Kenny with a focus on youth and community outreach. He is also currently studying at Crosslands Seminary. Josh will be as well as leading outreach teams helping with Sunday services and preaching each month.

Anna Hallas - Hospitality Team

Anna heads up the welcome team at church and is responsible for keeping us in refreshments during the service and running the teams that welcome us week by week.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers (Hebrews 13) - Anna

Kate Osborn - Head of Kids Ministry

Kate is married to George and currently heads up our kids ministry with one of the church members Nat Vickerson. Kate is a mother to Henry & Amelie, Nat has three children, Thea, Layla & Cassia

Kate & Henry

Nat Vickerson, Team Leader - The Community Fridge

Nat heads up our community fridge which offers over 30 families each week the chance to receive quality food for a £3.50 donation. We are looking to develop friendships with those in the community so we can not only offer food but the chance to encounter and meet Jesus.